Employment Contracts – mobility clauses

The law says that every employee must receive a ‘statement of terms and conditions’ within two months of starting their employment.  That statement is often referred to as the ‘contract’, although that can be misleading as the contract an employer makes with their employees is much wider than just the what is written into the [...]

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Father wins Shared Parental Leave claim

Shared Parental Leave (SPL) is when the mother gives up part of her maternity leave to enable her Partner to use it instead.  The Partner does not have to be employed by the same company.  The rules are quite complex, so if you do get a request don't hesitate to ask us for advice as we [...]

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Employment Status

Employment Status can be difficult to determine, as highlighted by the Uber case and other similar recent cases. An individual doing paid work in the UK falls into one of three main categories: an employee, or a ‘worker’ (which has a distinct legal meaning), or self-employed (or independent contractor). However the definitions and the rights [...]

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Dress Code

A couple of judgements from the European Court regarding dress code have caused some people to wonder if this means that organisations can legitimately ban visible signs of political, philosophical or religious beliefs.  Please don’t assume this is the way these recent cases should be interpreted.   Essentially, the judgements are telling us that in certain [...]

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Free Workshop – Understanding Basic Employment Law

Join Camino HR in Mansfield on the 6th June for this new workshop. We look at all aspects of employment law that employers should be aware of. Topics range from recruitment to the termination of employment, and help you understand what you must do and what you should avoid doing. We make sure that you [...]

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National and Living Wage increases

The national minimum wage applies to everybody up to the age of 24. The national living wage applies to those 25 years and over. Businesses who fail to pay the correct wage can be fined, named and shamed. The rates will be going up again in April and the easiest place to check the rates [...]

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Are you ready for the Levy?

From April 2017 the current apprenticeship system will be replaced by funding on an ‘electronic voucher’ system.  The full cost of external training for apprentices will be met from funds held on a ‘use it or lose it’ basis in an employer’s electronic apprenticeship account. Small employers will receive a credit of £15,000 to their [...]

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Holiday Pay and Commission Ruling

The Court of Appeal has confirmed this week (7th October) in the long running case of Lock v British Gas Trading Ltd that employers will have to pay commission as part of holiday pay. This decision certainly comes as no surprise as it continues to demonstrate the current direction of travel in relation to holiday [...]

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