Sometimes the best approach to resolving a dispute or conflict between individuals is through mediation.

Mediation takes the problem out of the formal company disciplinary or grievance procedures and tries to assist all the parties involved in coming to an agreement or in finding a better way of working together.

It can be quite surprising to find that people who have been so wrapped in conflict can, with the support of the mediator, begin to talk to each other, understand each other’s point of view and find their own way to resolve the problem.


ACAS and the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development say:

“Mediation is especially effective when used at the initial phase of any disagreement, before conflict escalates in the workplace. An early intervention can prevent both sides from becoming entrenched and the difference turning into a full-blown dispute. If the disagreement is resolved early on, there is less chance of the working relationship breaking down irrevocably. This improves the likelihood of maintaining good and productive employment relations in the longer term. It is a cheaper alternative to employment tribunal claims, which carry immediate financial costs to the organisation and the individual claimant as well as non-financial burdens.”