Jane Rawlins
Jane RawlinsFounder & HR Consultant
Jane has worked as an HR consultant since 1991 and founded Camino HR Ltd in 2008.

A Chartered Member of the CIPD, a qualified Mediator and a long serving member on Employment Tribunals, she is an experienced HR professional with an extensive background in industry and in higher education, both in operational HR and in strategic project management roles.

Jane is an excellent project manager and enjoys working with larger organisations to deliver HR related projects. She has considerable experience in the development and implementation of HR software systems and in Hay job evaluation.

However, much as she loves the complexity and challenges of working with larger companies, she particularly enjoys working with smaller organisations to help them to manage and grow their businesses through their people.

Shona Rawlins
Shona RawlinsHR and Marketing Assistant

Our Associates

We work with Associates so that we can provide you with the best possible service using people we trust.  Our Associates are skilled and experienced HR practitioners who  help us out when needed and who are committed to our values and standards of service.  Some have their own specialist area of expertise such as Learning & Development, Health & Safety or Occupational Health.

We work with businesses of all sizes.


Employment legislation and the fear of employment tribunals can be quite daunting for the smaller business. However, in reality it is not difficult to manage people sensibly and thoughtfully, especially if you have someone external that you can call on when you need it to share ideas, consider options and get practical advice.

We know that as a smaller business you probably cannot afford a full time HR Manager but that what you really need is someone who knows enough about your organisation to be there when you need guidance and support. We also believe that the support has to be priced in such a way that you never need hesitate to call on us but you only need to pay for the support that you actually receive. You are never tied in to an expensive contract over several years and our hourly rates are considerably less than if you were to rely on a law firm for advice.

If you join us you will have your own dedicated HR Manager who will work with you in the way that supports you best. In some cases this will be through regular meetings, in other cases it may be largely telephone and email support. The starting point is always ‘what do you think you need from our service’ and this can develop and change as your needs change.

The best thing to do is to talk to us and try us. Have a look at our Service Options, FAQs and Testimonials to get a better idea of what we can offer. Then give us a ring to arrange a meeting to discuss what you think you may need. We always offer a free HR Health Check which looks at all your current HR policies, procedures and ways of working and gives you a comprehensive report on what is good and what could or must be improved or changed.


No matter how great your HR team is, there will always be work that they don’t have time to do, projects which are waiting to get off the ground or projects which were started and never completed. That’s where bringing in an interim usually helps, but Camino HR can offer something a little more flexible if you need it.

We offer our services as and when you need them. So this may start as full time and as the project nears completion drop to occasional support. Or it may require just a day or two a week with the odd few additional hours or days when necessary.

Between us, our particular strengths are in change management, hr software implementation (including time and attendance), job evaluation, redundancy and TUPE management, recruitment, policy development, complex case work and mediation.

Talk to us to see if can provide what you need. Once you know us and we know the way your organisation works you will probably continue to use us every time you need some extra support.

When you need flexible HR support without being tied into a long term contract, we can help.

We’d like to meet you, so please do get in touch.