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For Smaller Businesses

We provide advice, guidance and practical support for all your employee related matters, helping you to develop the human resource element of your business and avoid the pitfalls of employment legislation.

Unlike using a telephone helpline, we will visit your premises, learn about your business and get to know your staff if necessary in order to provide the best possible HR support.

Think of it as having your own HR or Personnel Manager but only for as much or as little time as you need it.


For Larger Organisations

You may already have a dedicated HR team, but do they always have the time to do what needs to be done?

How many projects are waiting to be started or finished?

What is holding you back?

Would your team benefit from being able to call upon additional professional support from time to time?


How Do We Work?

We work flexibly – your place, our place, every day or once in a while, according to your needs.

Camino HR offers a practical and professional approach to providing additional HR support when it is most needed, whether it is taking the lead on an HR project or providing ad hoc support to the smaller business.


Free HR Health Check!

Contact us to find out more
Our first meeting with you will be a free, no obligation meeting designed for us to find out more about your business and your HR requirements. This could include a comprehensive check of your understanding and use of HR procedures and employment legislation. You will receive a copy of the check list, outlining any areas which could or should be improved.

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